• 24 - 27 September 2020
  • Online

Project Springbok

Local Independent Developers Showcase

Calling all independent game developers! Project Springbok, located in the Comic Con Africa Dev Zone, is an exciting initiative at where Independent developers are invited to apply for a free showcase at Comic Con Africa by submitting their original games and motivation to us for showcasing at Comic Con Africa

If selected, you will receive space in the Project Springbok Dev Zone on the exhibition floor where you will showcase the game to the visiting public at the Con and they can vote for your game.

If you get the most votes from Comic Con Africa visitors, YOUR game will be uploaded onto Steam, Android or iOS by the Comic Con Africa team.

Please read the all-important Ts&Cs and apply for this incredible opportunity to get international recognition for your talent and hard work, not to mention a listing on Steam that could launch your career to the next level.

Comic Con Africa knows just how hard you work to develop you passion, and we are all too pleased to give you this platform to take the next leap for your game’s future!


Project Springbok – what’s that?

Project Springbok is an exciting initiative that first appeared at Comic Con Africa 2019 in Johannesburg. Independent developers are invited to submit their original games to us for showcasing at Comic Con Africa, where the visiting public at the Con may vote for your game. If you get the most votes, your game will be uploaded onto Steam, or Android and IOS for mobile games, by Comic Con Africa. Steam is an international platform where games are sold.

Please read the all-important Ts&Cs before you apply for this incredible opportunity to get international recognition for your talent and hard work, not to mention a listing on Steam, Android, or iOS that could launch your career to the next level.

Comic Con Africa knows just how hard you work to develop you passion, and we are all too pleased to give you this platform to take the next leap for your game’s future.

Do I qualify for a Project Springbok Dev Zone stand?

1.     “You” and “themselves” shall refer to an individual or a group. Project Springbok at the Dev Zone is a space for independent game developers who produce original games by themselves without any professional game development studio assistance or by any paid professional.

     a.  A professional game development studio is a business or company that conceptualises and develops games for commercial profit.

     b.  A paid professional is anyone who has been paid by to create portions or the entirety of the submitted game.

The application processes

The application process must be completed for each developer/developer group. Once applications are closed, your application will be reviewed by a panel of curators. Once the curators have completed reviewing the submitted games, all developers will be notified of their status.

Submitting your game

Upon applying, we ask that you provide your chosen game and a motivation to assist in the judging process. Your application should include a sample of the game or the entire game. Your game and motivation are what your application is judged on, so the better it supports your game the better chance you have of being selected.

Voting Process

Votes will be submitted only by visitors physically at Comic Con Africa by private ballot to an organiser who will collect all the votes, and the vote count will be independently audited.


Terms & Conditions

Project Springbok Dev Zone terms and conditions (Specific):


The terms related to the Dev Zone (hereinafter referred to as “the Area”) shall be read in conjunction with the Exhibitor Contract.


Should there be any conflict between these terms and the terms of the Exhibitor Contract, the terms of the Exhibitor Contract will prevail.


The Area is distinct from the rest of the commercial spaces available to exhibitors as it is for self-designed games by independent South African developers. Developers who commission others to design a game for commercial profit may purchase retail space only.


1.     Stand inclusions

1.1.   The Showcase shall consist of the following:

     1.1.1.   One (1) trestle table (roughly 1.8m wide but subject to change);

     1.1.2.   A maximum of Three (3) chairs;

     1.1.3.   A maximum of two (2) exhibitor passes;

     1.1.4.   The table will be placed in the Area consisting of open plan tables; and

     1.1.5.   A listing on the Comic Con Africa website as appearing in the Area; and

     1.1.6.   A listing in the Comic Con Africa Catalogue.

1.2.   Successful applicants are limited to 1 (one) table and 3 (three) chairs and 1 (one) naming board (mechanism to be confirmed) and 1 (one) exhibitor pass only per developer, unless additional space is made available upon request and approved by the organiser. Note that additional space is unlikely to be approved due to the structure of the Dev Zone.

1.3.   Developers may not create structures or displays that would impede the ability of other developers or exhibitors to draw traffic.

1.4.   The organiser reserves the right to alter, change or demolish/remove any setup which does not comply with the above mentioned requirements and shall not be held liable for any costs incurred by the Developers to rectify the Area in order for it to be compliant with the said required dimensions.


2.     Application process

2.1.   Developers are only accepted in the Project Springbok Dev Zone if they complete the application process by the listed deadlines or are invited as guests of the Event.

2.2.   Submissions made after the closure of the deadline will be added to a waiting list and the organiser does not guarantee that such applications will be accepted prior to the Event.

2.3.   Applications must be made by the outlined deadline. The said Applications will be reviewed and responded to by the dates as indicated below:

     2.3.1.     Application Deadline: 30th August 2020;

     2.3.2.     Notifications: 6th September 2020;

2.4.   The standard Exhibitor Contract, together with this Annexure will be issued to accepted developers, which must be signed and returned within 2 (two) weeks of receipt.

2.5.   Unsigned Exhibitor Contracts will result in the Developer forfeiting their space in the Area. The said Area will then be presented to Developers on the waiting list.

2.6.   No late applications will be accepted, and the Organiser reserves the right to decline such late applications. Any costs associated with the application shall be borne by the Developer and the Organiser will not be held liable for such costs occasioned by late applications.

2.7.   All accepted applications shall result in the Developers having to sign acceptance for their space in full within 1 (one) week of receiving the Exhibitor Contract.

2.8.   The Developer indemnifies the Organiser against any claim of whatsoever nature related to any wasted costs.

2.9.   Developers will have their table number/area confirmed after signature of the Exhibitor Contract and payment of.


3.     Applications and motivations

3.1.   All Developers are required to submit a sample with a motivation of their work. It must clearly demonstrate their current development capabilities and the concept of the game.

3.2.   Developers will be judged primarily on the quality of their work, but priority will be given to completely original games as opposed to fan games.

3.3.   Developers will also be selected based on the number of developers demonstrating a particular style, player type, or storyline of games.

3.4.   The Organiser's judgement shall be final and no alternative applications will be accepted. There shall also not be an appeal procedure for applications not being successful.


4.     Original Games

4.1.   Developers may not use licensed work of any company and in that case Comic Con Africa or the company affected may request they cease all showcasing immediately.

4.2.   Only original games that do not reference any other game or the intellectual property as in storylines or conceptual artwork of another game may not apply.

     4.2.1.Fan games may not apply.


5.     Multiple businesses/proxy selling

5.1.   Due to the limited nature of the space available in the Springbok project Dev Zone, Comic Con Africa will only allow the sale of products that have been designed by the Developer and where the Developer is present at the Event.

5.2.   If the Developer’s game is already on a selling platform, they may share this with Con Visitors. However it will be disadvantageous for Developers to spend a lot of time on sales pitches as the idea is to garner votes to win the award, which can only be achieved by visitors playing the game.


6.     Selling of physical goods

6.1.   No physical goods may be sold by Developers in the Dev Zone programme.


7.     Stand Operation

7.1.   Developers must have a fully operational space during opening hours of the Event. This means all devices/consoles/pc’s must be setup in the allocated space and be fully operational to exhibit by the time the doors open and are to remain in this state until the Event closes each day.

7.2.   Developers may not pack up / leave / dismantle their stands before the Event finishes. Should this however happen, the Developer may be excluded from future events.

7.3.   Developers may not exhibit sexually explicit material. The Organiser reserves the right to remove any items, which may be construed to be in violation of this standard with immediate effect.

7.4.   It is the Developer’s responsibility to read and familiarise him/herself with the exhibitor manual on publication for the event and complete the required forms. The said manual will contain more information on move-in move-out and stand operation that must be complied with at all times.

7.5.   Displays on tables need to be inward facing and no taller than 1.2m; no artwork should face outwards toward another creator’s table. Displays cannot obstruct the visibility of other tables.

7.6.   The sale of unlicensed material or stolen artwork is strictly prohibited and should the Organiser be notified of such sales, the Developer may be requested to exit the Event. Any costs incurred by the Developer shall be forfeited and shall therefore not be refunded as a result of such expulsion.


8.     Rule Changes

8.1.   Rules and admissions criteria are subject to change at any time by the Organiser and interpretation and enforcement of the rules are at the discretion of the Organiser.


9.     Changes to These Terms and Conditions

9.1.   These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice from The Organiser.