• 23 - 26 September 2021
  • TBC

Meet the Cosplay Judges

Kimiko has been cosplaying since 2012 and has managed to win multiple awards, from her sewing to skit performances. Her most recent achievement was taking first place in the GES Virtual Dance Competition. 


She is a very big anime and manga enthusiast, most likely to be found cosplaying magical girls or idols. For her, cosplay is a chance to dress up as her favorite character and truly show her love for those characters. Kimiko will often be found performing in cosplay and loves working on complex costumes that push her skill set as she loves constantly learning new skills and tricks she can use for cosplay. 

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” - Thomas H. Palmer

Princess Maggie is a singer, cosplayer, and designer with a natural ability to work with kids as their favourite fairytale characters! She runs Princess Maggie's Party Experiences where she turned her passion for cosplay and princesses into a business. She is so in love with these characters that her personality and fashion sense has granted her the nickname “princess” with all who meet her! Her entire life is a musical and she can always be seen skipping, humming, or singing! Since starting Princess Maggie’s cosplay, she has been a guest on the television show “My Vreemde Vriende” where she represented Afrikaans cosplayers, done interviews on radio, and learnt invaluable skills like sewing, archery, hula and more! Her dream is to keep growing Princess Maggie’s and one day work as an immersive theming specialist and costume designer for theme parks and movies.  

Chaotic Good Cosplay has been part of the South African cosplay community since 2016, competing and winning awards across all divisions. Her most recent achievements were at CCA2019 for her cosplay as Moze (Borderlands 3), cleaning up 3 awards for representation, judges favorite and the green award.


When she isn't competing, she loves dancing, playing video games, watching anything animated or modeling in casual cosplays such as Hawkeye (Marvel) , Sakiki (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K) and Robin (Stranger Things).


"Cosplay is a fantastic way to experience parts of your personality that you admire in beloved characters and in doing so, learn something new about yourself."


Chaotic will be looking for commitment to character and that overall, the contestants are enjoying themselves.

CCA Champs Judges

Darren Craig is a Johannesburg based Vocal artist and performer who has been part of the South African Theatre industry for over a decade, recently he led the premier cast of Kinky Boots as Charlie Price in Cape Town. Darren is now in the process of recoding his album for release later in 2020. Having judged previous Cosplay contests, he is extremely excited to see what this year’s competitors have up their sleeves.

Giulietta Mazza is a theatre lover, who has studied special effects make up and worked as a make-up artist at SA fashion week and multiple theatrical productions. She has a passion for the performing arts, costuming and make up creation, and looks forward to what the contestants have to offer at Comic Con Cosplay 2020. 

Seipati is a seamstress and fashion designer at Nala Nova. She will be focusing and looking at how well you have put together your cosplays. Do not be shocked if she gets up to flip your seams and asks you to show you the inner workings of your cosplay.

She will be looking for a crisp clean finish on your cosplays, such as have your pressed your seams, what fabrics you have used as well as the construction methods you have used through the cosplay

Her company Nala Nova is a birthed from two names Nala - “Abundance” in Xhosa and Nova - “Newness”. The breath of Nala Nova is about seeing the freshness in one’s own being and knowing that everything you need to succeed is in already in you…., abundantly so.
Nala Nova provides custom made clothing for any occasion. It is for individuals who celebrate their own identity whilst incorporating elements of African Bohemian. Quality and vibrant fabrics are selected to ensure sustainable clothing that is not only well constructed but, beautiful, versatile and a tad indulgent.

Seipati is looking forward to see everyone and wishes them luck with the final stages of building, crafting and sewing.